Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a cooking staple in kitchens all over the world and when it’s good, it is a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, olive oil is one of the most commonly mislabelled foods. It’s often cut with cheaper oils, made with poor quality olives, or it’s expired or even rancid. At Blue Door we guarantee you’ll find only the best, freshest, extra virgin on our shelves. Don’t take our word for it though, come in and taste them for yourself.

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Flavoured Olive Oil

Whether it’s a quick drizzle of garlic olive oil over your mashed potatoes or a new spin on grandma’s duck l’orange with our blood orange olive oil, we have your secret ingredient ready to bottle. Our flavoured olive oils are made with fresh ultra premium olive oil as a base. The vibrant flavours in our oils make it simple to take your meals to the next level. All of our flavoured olive oils are made using whole fruit, herbs, chili peppers and all natural flavour essence.

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