Wild Dill & Salmon Pasta


We had a great salmon dinner and I was very excited to put this together for lunch the next day. Quick and super easy.

We used a wild Chum Salmon and it was perfect for this dish because it doesn’t have as strong of a taste as wild Sockeye Salmon but is still a wild fish option to help maximize your healthy omega 3 fatty acid intake. The pea shoots are from Shirley’s Greenhouses and they give the dish a perfect crunch and pea flavour to compliment the salmon and dill.

*** The Salmon was cooked the day before and we wrapped it in tin foil with Lemon Fused Olive Oil and sea salt and grilled it on the BBQ on the top rack at medium-low heat until it was opaque all the way through. ***




– 1/2 portion of Salmon

– 2 Cups Fusilli Noodles (any bite sized pasta will work)

3 Tbsp Blue Door Wild Dill Infused Olive Oil

– Sea Salt & Pepper to taste

– Pea Shoots for garnish




– Boil water and cook the fusilli until done to your preference

– Remove from heat, drain and return pasta to the pot

– Chop salmon portion and add it to the pot

– Add Wild Dill Olive Oil

– Season with salt & pepper

– Serve on a plate or in a bowl

– Garnish with pea shoots




Cooking for health with olive oil – Nutritional Seminar

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Luka Symons, Certified Holisitc Nutritionist


Date: June 26, 2015 

Time: 7 pm

Location: Blue Door Oil and Vinegar (8561 8a Ave SW)

Cost: $50


To register, email us at bruce@bluedoorcalgary.com or visit our shop in West Springs.


For centuries, home cooks from around the Mediterranean have prepared healthy meals using locally sourced olive oils. This was all before the ‘locally sourced’ movement we know today. Cooking with this fat not only made their foods taste great, but imparted health-giving properties as well.


We need fats for the formation of each and every cell in our body! By choosing olive oil as one of the fats in our kitchen, we ensure the stability of all cells and tissues in our body, further protecting us against the outside world. Olive oil lowers the incidence of heart disease, has anti-inflammatory properties, supports the liver, and digestive and immune systems.


Join us for a cooking class as we explore the health-giving properties of olive oil. We will cook and sample mouthwatering, easy-to-prepare side dishes for every meal from breakfast to supper. Owners Bruce and Courtney will lead the discussion along with local Holistic Nutritionist Luka Symons. Arm yourself with the knowledge of how to eat for overall health, and have a tasty time doing it!

Father’s Day with Vine Styles – Kensington

fathers day brbn

fathers day brbn

Listen up Dads, here’s your chance to learn how to perfect a classic cocktail.

We are very happy to be partnering with Vine Styles in Kensington to co-host a Bourbon tasting and Old Fashion 101 class. Our part will be to host an olive oil tasting featuring some great oil & vinegar pairings for Dad and some delicious appies to go with the evening’s tasting.

Make sure you get your ticket reserved ASAP because space is very limited!

For ticket information, simply contact Selena from Vine Styles: Selena@vinestyles.ca | 403.474.8367

See You there!